Henry’s is a bar located in the heart of Chicago’s River North district. It was created by David Morton & Michael Kornick of DMK Restaurants and only has the things they think a bar must have.

Henry’s serves cheap classic drinks. Frozen drinks. Sparkling drinks. Sangria. Bourbon. Boiler makers. Champagne. Craft beers. Domestic Beers.

Hungry? Henry’s serves a selection of chef-inspired bar bites. Fries. Nachos. That kind of stuff.

Henry’s has games. Free pool, decks of cards, and Uno — the cheap, fun stuff.

Henry’s plays music. Loud music. American Roots Music. Jump Blues. Chicago Blues. Doo Wop. Garage. Vintage Country. 70s Rock. Soul. Funk. Cajun. Zydeco.

Henry’s hosts a party nightly. DMK Restaurants’ way. With hospitality, love and respect.