A resume only tells us where you worked, not who you are. For us, it’s not how decisions are made. A cover letter is a cookie cutter. Send us a love letter. Tell us your story. Where are you from? What are you passionate about? What do you dabble in? What is your jam? Where is your favorite place in the whole wide world? What has been your favorite experience in life so far? Where is the best place you’ve ever eaten? What are your hopes & dreams? The list goes on. We want the passionate, the curious, the driven, the creative, the builders, the thinkers, the doers, the lovers. We want you to help us build our businesses. Help us fall in love with you so we can make all of your dreams come true. Send us pictures or videos or your favorite book. Send us anything that helps tell the story of you.
Tell us your story. Become a part of our story. (everything is accepted, yes, yes, including resumes;)).

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